There is an enthusiastic and dedicated group of mountain bike racers in Oaxaca. Under the auspices of the Asociacion de Ciclismo Competitivo y Recreativo del Estado de Oaxaca (ACCREO), there is a closed-course or cross-country marathon race better than once a month, except in December. The entries below provide more information on this exciting part of the Oaxaca bike scene. Click on the headline to get more information about the item.

Oaxaca Mountain Bike Race Courses

There are multiple venues around Oaxaca that host either closed-course races or cross-country marathon races on a rotating basis. With the exception of Cuilapam, Tule and Xoxocotlan, all are quite physically challenging and technically demanding, on narrow trails with steep climbs, sharp drops, off-camber lines and treads that vary from hard rock to loose rubble and sand.

You are more than welcome to sample the various race courses yourself at your convenience, either riding flat-out as a racer would or just meandering along at a leisurely pace, enjoying the scenery as you go. Click on the headline, above, to open another page with further details.


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