Trail ZZ

Trail ZZ (Zig Zag) is a very short singletrack path of two switchbacks which provides a ridable route up from LNR (Libramiento Norte Road) to WFR (West Frontage Road) just north of the lower RR (Rojo Runout) + WFR trail junction. Useful for a shorter & easier climb up to WFR + RR Junction as compared to using either end of WFR (i.e. the north and south LNR + WFR Junctions). E.g. Trail ZZ is a easier shortcut up to Trails A, ED, Es, and RR from LNR. Handy for crossing from Trail TTT over to the aforementioned trails on the west side of LNR without having to descend on LNR to only re-ascend on WFR.

Trail Parameters
Trail Type: Trail
Trail Tread: Singletrack
IMBA Trail Rating: Blue Square – Difficult
Trail Length (km): 0.08
Trail Total Ascent (m): 8
Trail Total Descent (m): 0
Trail Maximum Elevation (m): 1887
Trail Minimum Elevation (m): 1879
Average Grade (%): 10.9
Use the “Download” link above to retrieve a copy of the KML/Z file for your own uses. E.g. viewing in GoogleEarth, loading to your GPS-enabled device).Or, click here to examine this trail and its components in greater detail in GoogleMaps.


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