Trail T

Trail T (Tostadora (Toaster)), a member of The Smoking Section collection, is a narrow singletrack that runs down a ridge twisting through the scrub oak and acacia bushes. The upper section, accessible from Trail HFR (High Flyer Ridge) has a well-worn tread and is in the taller, older scrub oak and wide-leaf trees. After a short traverse off of Trail HFR it dives down a ridge line through some short, twisty turns. It turns into a doubletrack tread right before its junction with Trail ML (Mechero Lado (Side Burner)). At this trail junction, cross Trail ML continuing straight downhill (south) through an opening in the vegetation straight across from where Trail T came into the trail junction. From this point, the tread is more prone to being hidden by vegetative growth but generally follows the fallline winding only as needed to avoid bushes. At the bottom, the trail falls to the east side of the ridge and exits onto Trail TTT (Toro Toro Toro (Bull Bull Bull)) along with the west-side ravine. Paths near the bottom that go right (west) tend to be rutted and covered by low vegetation. Thus, at the bottom as social paths abound, generally it is best to go left instead of right when given a choice.

Trail Parameters
Trail Type: Trail
Trail Tread: Singletrack
IMBA Trail Rating: Black Diamond – Very Difficult
Trail Length (km): 1.10
Trail Total Ascent (m): 1
Trail Total Descent (m): 207
Trail Maximum Elevation (m): 1947
Trail Minimum Elevation (m): 1740
Average Grade (%): -18.1
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6 comments for “Trail T

  1. Site Admin
    2012-11-06 at 12:18 AM

    Upper T was pruned 2012-10-31. See this post for a map:

    • Site Admin
      2012-11-07 at 11:24 PM

      The remainder of Tostadora was pruned Nov. 6th. Top to bottom, good to go. Let ‘er rip! Oh, but watch out for the huge spiders that are making HUGE webs across the trail. Keep your mouth closed.

  2. Deron
    2015-01-14 at 10:05 PM

    Trail T BELOW Trail ML was cleaned and pruned 2015-01-10. We’ll get the upper part soon but even though it needs some basic pruning it can be ridden…if you don’t mind a few face slaps from scrub oak…and of course the spiders still love that part of the trail. Pruning isn’t going to change that though.

  3. Deron
    2015-03-17 at 11:27 PM

    Finally got out there and pruned the upper section of Trail T between Trail HFR and Trail ML yesterday 2015-03-16. I was delighted to find that procrastination has paid off…again. Much less cleaning this time of year thanks to leaf fall (the trail is COVERED though) and PEOPLE RIDING THIS TRAIL!!!! Yippie!!! This is one of my favorite trails in SFdA and I’m glad others are liking it, too. It was especially tasty yesterday after pruning and coming down with the trail covered by leaves at night with lights. Wicked fun! Oh, and scouted a potential reroute for the upper section that would give us more twists and a longer run out on a more realistic grade. We’ll see if we get to it this season (it’s a firewood gatherers’ trail and just needs a bit of prune back and tread prep..and some pushout near the top where they haven’t pushed the trail yet.

  4. 2016-01-11 at 7:56 PM

    This season, the upper section above ML was pruned in September (2015) but the lower was skipped. PoP (power of procrastination!)! The whole thing is ridable…and that seems to be to it getting a fair amount of bike traffic. There are some sections where the Mujera Mala vines still reach out to handout lacerations to all uncovered skin. But the tread is fine…probably a bit less rocky in some areas due to more users…..and the heavy vegetation is well clear of any rider going through. And best of all, the spiders are gone now! Get out there and rip it up before somebody puts a house on this trail!

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