Trail SP

Trail SP (StinkyPoo) is an easy doubletrack that heads downhill southeast off the middle of Trail A (Abuela (Grandmother)). It turns into a dirtroad and turns back to the west and down into a ravine. You can either stay on the road as it heads south and slightly west, or look for a singletrack trail on the west side of the road an the low point of the ravine crossing. The singletrack also heads south, climbing slightly, but stays a bit more up (west) on the ridge. Note that Trail ED (Espina D (Spine)) is due west. From the southern terminus of Trail SP you can go east on Trail MC (Milpa Camino (Cornfield Road)) to head towards San Felipe del Agua, or you can go west to connect over to the middle of Trail ED.

Trail Parameters
Trail Type: Trail
Trail Tread: Doubletrack
IMBA Trail Rating: Green Circle – Easy
Trail Length (km): 1.30
Trail Total Ascent (m): 20
Trail Total Descent (m): 118
Trail Maximum Elevation (m): 1838
Trail Minimum Elevation (m): 1739
Average Grade (%): -7.4
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