Trail MMD

Trail MMD (Maguey Mi Dia (Maguey My Day)) is a lightly used, very tight (i.e. vegetation tunnel), twisty, short, mostly downhill singletrack that connects Road LNR (Libramiento Norte Road) and Trail LLL (Larry’s Lacerated Leg). The trail’s tread is mostly well-packed dirt that is no more than 30cm wide with little in the way of technical challenges – e.g. a large rock the trail is forced to circumvent…..though sharp-edged Maguey plants occasionaly encroach as if looking for biker blood. A few ravine crossings (down and in, turn, up and out) provide the biggest challenges.

Start on MMD at the western end at its junction with Road LNR and Trail HFR (High Flyer Ridge). From the LNR road cut, turn southeast on the delta of loose dirt flowing down from the east embankment where Trail HFR cuts up the embankment as a terribly eroded scar, about five meters tall. Passing the HFR scramble scar, continue southwest over the dirt delta staying alongside the diminishing embankment on your left. Trail MMD turns to the west and the vegetation closes in as it skirts the end of the embankment (i.e. the ridge Trail HFR climbs onto and on up to the north). Almost immediatly the trail forks, go to the right side (i.e. keep going straight) despite the tight opening under an acacia bush this path dives into. The left fork you skipped is an alternate pathway to Trail HFR that climbs the same embankment/ridge as the initial (eroded) pathway you passed at the HFR + LNR + MMD Trail Junction. On the right fork you’ll quickly move through a flat clearing with a few clumps of acacia bushes that the trail (and other social pathways) wind around and under. After leaving the west end of the small flat area, the trail heads northeast with a small climb and then begins following the contour line with occasional climbs. Ignore the occasional goat trails entering/exiting Trail MMD. The only exception to this comes about 2/3rds of the way through Trail MMD where a inconspicous trail junction with Trail LP (Luz Piloto (Pilot Light)) hides on the south side of MMD behind a small bush just as MMD emerges from some trees and does a sharp, uphill jog to the left (north).

Trail Parameters
Trail Type: Trail
Trail Tread: Singletrack
IMBA Trail Rating: Blue Square – Difficult
Trail Length (km): 0.81
Trail Total Ascent (m): 21
Trail Total Descent (m): 31
Trail Maximum Elevation (m): 1900
Trail Minimum Elevation (m): 1881
Average Grade (%): -1.3
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