Trail Ma

Trail Ma (Martillada (Hammerblow)) starts high on Trail HFR (High Flyer Ridge) as singletrack running through the trees and shorter vegetation. After roughly following the contour line from the HFR ridge over to a lesser ridge on the south, Trail MA begins diving down the ridgeline towards its eventual exit on LNR (Libramiento Norte Road) road. The trail is wide singletrack for a bit but most of the way it is doubletrack full of sections that are very rutted, steep, and full of scree. About halfway down the trail cross a saddle of the ridge and a short climb ensues before you pass one of the high-voltage electrical towers and then continue downhill on the ridge. Nearing the bottom, the ridge gets less steep and a fork in the trail appears. Right is easier (as it turns into a poor dirt road before terminating at Road LNR) but left gives you even more steep, rutted, chunky, where-the-FUCK-is-the-line trail to enjoy before spitting you out on Road LNR.

In short, the best 2.6km technical downhill for those who like their trail EXTRA chunky.

Morning riders should be extra cautious due to heavier hiker and campesino traffic (which implies dogs and donkeys, too.). YIELD!!!!

Trail Parameters
Trail Type: Trail
Trail Tread: Singletrack
IMBA Trail Rating: Black Diamond – Very Difficult
Trail Length (km): 2.60
Trail Total Ascent (m): 1
Trail Total Descent (m): 321
Trail Maximum Elevation (m): 2074
Trail Minimum Elevation (m): 1752
Average Grade (%): -12.5
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2 comments for “Trail Ma

  1. Keith Richards-Dinger
    2014-07-02 at 9:02 AM

    I found this trail to be much better than Trail “M”. While both are rocky and steep, I found this trail to be essentially all rideable, while I had to walk long sections of Trail “M”.

    • 2016-01-11 at 7:47 PM

      Yeah, I totally agree, Keith. The upper part of Trail “M” (Mechero / Burner) was mostly a wide delta of very loose scree….not as much a trail as a section of landslide one could use to get from HFR to the lower part of Trail M. Furthermore, the rest of M is basically a jeep trail and dirt road. It is steep and has some technical challenge (at the upper part), but isn’t singletrack by any stretch. I think if you’ve gone that far up Trail HFR your earned-elevation is better spent continuing on to Martillada or you should have already turned on Trail T (Tostadora / Toaster)….which I think is the best downhill run off of HFR in consideration of the work it takes to get to its start up there. Thanks for commenting, Keith. We appreciate it when others share their observations and opinions about the trails and posts. Sorry it took so long to notice your post.

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