Trail E

Trail E (Encendedor (Lighter)), another member of The Smoking Section collection, is a glorified goat trail that twists its way down a ridge from Trail ML (Mechero Lado (Side Burner)) to Trail TTT (Toro Toro Toro (Bull Bull Bull)). The upper 2/3rds of the trail challenges with rider-shredding bush branches, a vegetation-covered tread that wiggles to avoid bushes and find a clear line down the hill. The bottom third is a narrow rut that runs through thicker vegetation before the worst-of-it-all exit onto Trail TTT. Consider this one the slightly shorter but rougher-round-the-edges little brother to its Smoking Section collection sibling, Trail T (Tostadora (Toaster)).

Trail Parameters
Trail Type: Trail
Trail Tread: Goat Path
IMBA Trail Rating: Blue Square – Difficult
Trail Length (km): 0.67
Trail Total Ascent (m): 0
Trail Total Descent (m): 137
Trail Maximum Elevation (m): 1892
Trail Minimum Elevation (m): 1755
Average Grade (%): -20.7
Use the “Download” link in the map above to retrieve a copy of the KML/Z file for your own uses. E.g. viewing in GoogleEarth, loading to your GPS-enabled device).

Or, click here to examine this trail and its components in greater detail in GoogleMaps.


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2 comments for “Trail E

  1. Deron
    2015-01-14 at 10:01 PM

    Trail E was cleaned and pruned 2015-01-10. Ready to Ride!

  2. 2015-12-28 at 2:59 PM

    This trail has been destroyed at the bottom by recent construction of a driveway that goes up the ridge the trail runs down. It appears a house is going to be constructed at the top of the driveway. For now it can be ridden but no idea on how the construction team feels about riders. Eventually the trail bottom either needs to be rerouted or it will be a dead-end into somebody’s property wall. 🙁

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