Trail CDE

Trail CDE (Carretera Donaji Entrada (Donaji Entry Road)) is a 9% grade dirt road, out-and-back (at least until somebody maps something beyond its northern end). It ends as a road with two singletrack trails (Codenames _CDESingles – UNKNOWN TRAILS 2 & 3), one of which has been partially mapped but wasn’t yet found worthy of being turned into a refined trail. In short, Trail CDE is a nice way to add some non-technical climbing & descending if riding in the area. E.g. good for helping beginners get some mountain biking “legs” without singletrack or much technical.

Trail Parameters
Trail Type: Trail
Trail Tread: Dirt Road
IMBA Trail Rating: Green Circle – Easy
Trail Length (km): 2.40
Trail Total Ascent (m): 213
Trail Total Descent (m): 2
Trail Maximum Elevation (m): 2000
Trail Minimum Elevation (m): 1788
Average Grade (%): 8.9
Use the “Download” link in the map above to retrieve a copy of the KML/Z file for your own uses. E.g. viewing in GoogleEarth, loading to your GPS-enabled device).
Or, click here to examine this trail and its components in greater detail in GoogleMaps.

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