Outing – 2012-10-22 Ride (CM in Trouble)

Today’s ride was quick run of Trails TTT, RR, Es, ED, A and CM (~14km). The wild flowers are blooming all over, big areas of what appear to be wild marigolds/chrysanthemums? casting the trailside in yellows, oranges and golds. Other flowers of purple, red and white mixed in for good measure.

Here are some (lousy) photos.


Also, Trail CM is getting some “work” done on it. I.e. a bulldozer was working the eastern side of the singletrack section turning it into a “road.” Also, at one of the creekcrossings somebody has excavated a trench across the road, clearing out the rainy season’s sediment and plopping the excavated dirt across the road on the western side of the trench. It looks like a bridge may be coming, but for now, it’s a hike-a-bike section. Both of these trail issues are noted with placemarks/waypoints on the map below.

What do YOU think?

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