Outing – Larry’s DAM Ride

This ride is a longer variation of another ride listed here – that going to Santo Domingo Tomaltepec. The route shown below uses San Felipe as the start / end point, rather than the Krotalus Bike Shop. Also, the return follows a different route, going through the villages of Tlalixtac and Huayapam. Consequenlty, this ride is 30.5 miles (49 km) long and has an elevation gain & loss of 2427 feet (740 meters) along the way. Nevertheless, it is every bit as much fun as the shorter version.

Be aware that on the upper reaches of the trail at the far end of the ride there are fourteen stream crossings. You and your bike are guaranteed to get wet. Caution!  There is a large difference in the depth, width and speed of the water in the stream between the dry and the rainy season! Where the water may be only a couple of inches deep in the winter months, it may be a foot or more deep in the summertime. The  stream bed is stable and rideable even in summer, but proceed with caution and use good sense. Of course, you can simply turn around when you get to the first water crossing. It’s still a great outing, and you stay dry for the ride home!



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