Back in the Saddle

This web page has been unnaturally quiet in recent months due to the webmaster taking a tumble on his mountain bike and breaking a wrist on 12 October 2017. That not only put an end to cycling for two and a half months, but also precluded typing any but the most pressing pieces. Now, finally, at the dawn of the new year the cast is gone and some semblance of flexibility and strength has returned to the damaged hand. So it was with a mix of eagerness and trepidation that the tires and suspension components were aired up after so many weeks of disuse and we set out this Saturday morning for a very easy and non-threatening ride from Oaxaca city to Tule on the bike path, then continued into the countryside to Santo Domingo Tomaltepec and back into town through Tlalixtac. The ride covered approximately 20 miles on mostly flat and relatively smooth terrain — just what the doctor ordered. Here’s to many miles of happy trail riding in 2018!

What do YOU think?

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